Saturday, January 31, 2009

Camp Themes...

SCCLC Camps 2009...coming soon...

Thursday, four young men helped me pack up, deliver, unpack and set up for our upcoming camps. That included all the kitchen appliances, games, food, tables, chairs and many other items which we hauled two hours north to the campgrounds near the village of Buena Vista. Their hard work was greatly needed and appreciated! (I would show you pictures of that work day, but I forgot to get the camera out of the truck and take any...smooth!)

On February 4, our junior high camp will begin. I still need to hammer out a few things, but it's coming together. Please pray with me that the last-minute details fall into place for our time away. All 31 junior high students are attending and I'm looking forward to see what God has in store for them.

Especially remember the high school students who will be ministering during the junior high retreat in the following capacities:
Counselors: Whitney, Hannah, Alejandro & Edwin
Activities Coordinators: Daniel & Timothy
Guitarist and Song Leader: Kaylynn & Susan

On February 9, we'll load up 77 high school students for their annual camp. They seem excited and ready. I pray this will also be a great time of fellowship, fun and even spiritual growth.

Our speaker for both events is Gary Hansen a graduate from the Learning Center in 2000. He is currently a pastor in Oregon and will be traveling down with his wife, Rachel, and a family friend. Pray for them as they will hit the ground running. Their flight arrives at the same time we will be traveling out to camp!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Every Young Man, God's Man

The class I've been teaching for the 11th (above) and 12th grade guys on the book Every Young Man, God's Man has been going very well. We have covered a lot of ground during the first week and half of this three-week study, but I pray they've been able to glean a lot from the discussions. Please pray with me that the remaining five sessions will go well and open the doors for these young men in developing their character and integrity!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tacky Party and on...

Friday night, we enjoyed the high school tacky party / dinner. Thirty something youth showed up for the new semester celebration. Many came VERY TACKY...all enjoyed fellowship and food.
Monday's Bible study went well as we continued in our study of how we perceive God and how that affects our relationship with Him.

I've also complete a week and a half of studies in the book, Every Young Man, God's Man with the junior and senior guys. We've covered a lot of ground and have a ways to go, but they seemed to be enjoying the times together.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Junior High Ice Cream Bash...

It was a nice hot afternoon...a perfect time for an ice cream bash. About 19 junior highers attended the afterschool event. We enjoyed a few games together and then we got to build our own sundaes. It was a great kickoff to a new semester.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bible Study, Welcome Back & Birthday Celebration...

Last night's Bible study went well. We welcomed back Kelsey Friesen
(above, in the middle), who returned to the Learning Center
after spending a semester in Canada with her family.
After the study, we celebrated 5 birthdays
with brownie cake and ice cream!

It was a fun evening of fellowship and study after the three-week break from classes. Our studies this semester will be focusing on how we view God and what affect that perception has on our relationship with Him!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back from Peru...

Danny and I arrived safely back from Peru on Thursday afternoon ...
a little sore, very tired, but doing well.

"I SURVIVED the Inca Trail" is probably much more fitting than
"I CONQUERED the Inca Trail", but I'll take what I can get.
The hike was grueling, but fun; and the scenery was breathtaking!

Here are several pictures to give you a glimpse of our time there...

Courtyard of Koricancha, a historical site in the heart of Cusco.
The central plaza fountain, surrounded by beautiful flowers
and two majestic cathedrals.
One of the Inca ruins near Cusco, boasting amazing craftsmanship!
A boy and his Llama overlooking the city of Cusco.
Opportunity to visit with friends and fellow WGM missionaries,
Ann Seaney and David & Cathlene Strong, who minister in Cusco.
Here we are at the beginning of our four-day hike
with the others in our party.
During our second day of hiking, we crossed a 13,800 foot pass ...
snow was a bonus!
Steps are the Inca way of getting anywhere.
One of the guides described "Inca flat" as being up-down, up-down, etc.
On the morning of the third day, the view out of the tent was spectacular!
We finally reached the end of our hike on the fourth day at Machu Picchu,
the most famous of all the Inca ruins
and one of the NEW 7 WONDERS of the WORLD!
Thank you for your prayers for our trip. The time away was needed and a great "rest" from the day-to-day activities. However, it's very good to be home and gearing up for a new semester.

On Monday, I'll begin facilitating a class for the junior and senior boys on the book, Every Young Man, God's Man. It's a three-week section of their Bible class. Pray that the discussions will be applicable and effective.

We'll also start up normal Bible studies, accountability times and youth groups during the first week. Then, in three short weeks, we'll have our annual youth camps. Please pray with me for all the preparations that must come together.

Also pray for the eight high school students
(listed below) who will be ministering at junior high camp as counselors and staff. I'm excited about their involvement and pray the Lord will use their testimonies to influence the others.
Counselors: Whitney, Hannah, Alejandro & Edwin
Activities Coordinators: Daniel & Timothy
Guitarist and Song Leader: Kaylynn & Susan