Sunday, November 30, 2008

Missionary Staff Conference...

Our conference this past week went very well. It was good to meet with the staff of the mission and go over reports of ministries and look at new opportunities and challenges for the year to come. I was voted on to the board for another year as 1st member-at-large (or as the youth so kindly say FIRST LARGE MEMBER!).
Here, we are praying for Ron and Bonnie Gouge. They have served WGM Bolivia as our field leaders for the past 11 years. They have accepted the field leadership in Argentina and will be transferring to their new assignment after the first of the year. Please pray for their continued ministries.

Rick (Lori) Lampen has accepted the field leadership as our new Field Director and Len (Betsy) Phillips will be the Assistant Director. Because Len and Betsy are on their Homeland Ministry Assignment right now, I'm the Acting Assistant Director becaue of my position as 1st member-at-large. Confusing? It just means that I'll help out where needed... Please pray for Rick & Lori, Len & Betsy, along with the WGM Bolivia staff, during this time of transition.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Junior High Out...

Last Tuesday, 21 junior high students joined me and a few others at Buffalo Park after school. (I'm not really sure where that name came from...) There were several activities for the kids to enjoy, but the most popular was laser tag, something new for almost all of them. It was a nice afternoon with friends and they really seemed to enjoy themselves. Our next activity together is Bible study on the afternoon of December 2. Continue to pray that these activities and studies together will not only draw the students closer together in their friendships but also help them in regards to their relationship with God.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Retreat Aftermath...

This last week was spent in "clean-up" and follow-up from retreat. I still have a few loose ends to tackle, but it should soon be done. I had several great times of follow up with students and was able to get some feedback as to how the retreat went for them spiritually. I believe there have been many good strides in young lives, and pray that this will continue and even grow within the student body.

Monday's Bible study was a good follow up for retreat as well. We looked at making wise decisions and living wisely.

Thursday, I had the privilege to visit with a former student, her husband and several friends from their church. It was really neat to see how God has worked in their lives and great to celebrate with them regarding their baptism, which had occurred the night before.

It's been a great week, but I'm really looking forward to one full-night's sleep! When it will happen? ...only time will tell!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Highlights from Retreat...

Some of the ladies were relaxing while we waited for the road to open on our way up to Samaipata. The youth made the best of the time and didn't whine or complain...we had a safe trip up even with all the construction on the mountain highway.Our sessions went well. Rhonda Bill did a great job of leading our times of worship music and the kids really sang out. They were also very attentive during the speaking and had many opportunities to be challenged to renovated.Along with the challenges spiritually, the young people enjoyed activities and free time together. They got along very well as they battled it out with mummies, water baloons, human machines and four-way-purpetual capture the flag!
Danny and I battled it out with the belly bumpers.
I must say that I did win the battle, but the war, well it continues...
(Even though I knocked him and several others over a lot,
I think I'm much, much, much more sore then they!
Getting out of bed today was very difficult! Ha...but it's so worth it!)

Thank you for your prayers for this weekend away. I believe God honored those prayers on so many levels. He laid out the weekend with beautiful weather (the first time without rain in all the years we've had retreat...), great attitudes from the kids, open door to travel even though the road is under construction, safety and protection in travel and throughout the weekend's activities, providing cooks on short notice, and open hearts to hear the challenges spiritually.

Please keep praying that God will do some awesome things in and through these young lives. We continue to plant the seeds, but pray that they will be open to receive what Christ desires to do as He renews their hearts and lives!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Praying for Revival...Please Join in...

Here is a list of retreat participants for this weekend's trip, Nov 7-9. We do request prayer for safety and protection for travel and throughout the retreat events. However, much more than this, we would like prayer for SPIRITUAL REVIVAL! Please join us in this prayer. If you click on this list, it should open in a new window. You can then print a copy for reference throughout the weekend. Thank you!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Through Christ's continual work within, our lives must be "Renovatus", Latin for "renovated".

I'm reusing our camp 2004 theme for this year's retreat. Of course, the current students were too young to attend in 2004, so it will be fresh and new to them. It really seemed to be the most fitting focus for our three-days away. (Thanks Kent!)

Please pray
with me for REVIVAL, that the 57 students attending and each of the 13 staff will be challenged by Scripture and allow God to make them a new creation!

JH Bible Study...Making Wise Decisions...

19 Junior High students came to Bible study on Friday afternoon. We had a good time hanging out and also discussing the importance of good, wise and godly decisions.
There are consequences for EVERY decision we make. The better the decision, the better the consequence...
Continue to pray for the junior high students as they develop in their relationship with Christ or, for others, decide to become a follower of Christ.