Friday, May 30, 2008

Graduation Week is Done...

Graduation and closing programs at SCCLC went very well. The week started off with Carlin & Hannah Epp arriving on Sunday, May 18. They are former students who came back to spend the week with friends and visit Santa Cruz one more time. Unfortunately, Carlin left his backpack, including his passport, in the back of a taxi that first day. So for the next few days, he and I worked on getting an emergency passport before their departure on May 25. It was an adventure, but through a series of miraculous events, we had a new passport in hand by Wednesday afternoon.

I preached at the English church for their youth service that Sunday morning and then joined the congregation for a cookout.

On Monday, we had our closing high school youth group with about 80 people. We enjoyed sharing lunch together, signing yearbooks, and I also shared a brief challenge about stress and how God wants to walk with us through tough times...On Tuesday, we did the same with about 40 junior high youth.
Wednesday, Carlin and I made a quick trip to La Paz to get his passport at the US Embassy.

On Thursday, we had our closing program with the secondary students and then I was in charge of the Graduation rehearsal and dinner that followed for the graduates, their parents and special guests.

I was also in charge of Friday's graduation, which thankfully went very smoothly.Although it was an incredibly busy week, it went well and I enjoyed the last few times of fellowship for this school year!

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