Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7....and an important prayer request!

I'd rather have pictures here...but I don't have any right now, so just a short update...

Chapel last Wednesday went well. I spoke on the theme Jesus, The Revolutionary, challenging us to remember that although Christ was Gentle, Meek & Mild, He was also a revolutionary. Not only did He challenge the thinking and practices of His day, but He wants to continue to revolutionize our thinking and very lives today!

Friday's open house went well. I helped the senior class and their sponsor with the dinner before hand. We had approximately 170 people attended and they all seemed to leave satisfied. Afterward, several juniors and seniors invited the sophomore guys to go and hang out together. So 13 of us went Karting and then came back to my house for Sundaes, play ping-pong & Wii, and just hang out together. They seemed to have a great time.

I did get sick over the weekend. I guess it's like a sinus infection, but I've been trying to get my rest and be a good patient. I seem to be on the mend.

Also, over the weekend, I helped to keep track of Steve and Becky Swope's kids. We've been encouraging the couple (he is the director of the school) to take some time off...so they did. I had fun hanging with the young-uns...oh, they're old enough to care for themselves, but it helped me feel important...hehe...plus mom and dad could leave worry-free. I also helped by filling in at church in Steve's absense. He was in charge of Sunday's service including communion.

Last night we had Bible study continuing in our series from It's Not About Me.

My father had surgery last week, but due to complications he is back
in surgery today, Tuesday, October 7, at 1:30. Please be in prayer for him & the surgery to relieve the extreme pain he is experiencing.

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