Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Week with Cody Kargus' Team and Ministry Preparations...

Last Monday, I hosted the team of 35 for dinner and fellowship. About 15 of our youth joined us for fellowship as well.
On Thursday evening, we gathered again with the team for a night of drama. The youth also played games and continued to get to know each other.
Then on Friday, we had an all day discipleship workshop. A dozen of our youth and about a dozen from the team were together for sessions on their Christian walk and also meaningful times of prayer.
Cody continued to challenge us from the Word throughout the day.

Wednesday morning, Cody and his team will head back to Wisconsin. It's been a blessing to have them minister here in Bolivia at several orphanages, churches and with our youth.

Next week, August 10, classes begin. This week, we're in the midst of orientation and preparing the campus for the new school year. There's still much to do, but things are falling in place.

Please pray for each of us that we would be physically and mentally ready for the challenges that lay ahead.


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