Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Student Leaders Did an Excellent Job!!!

Last Monday, November 16, four students took over Bible study while I was ministering in Argentina. All reports came back that they did an awesome job!

Paul and Jesse had the place setup and ready before anyone arrived and made sure it was packed up and locked up at the end.

took the praise items at the beginning of the study and led the students to the throne in prayer. Then after the Bible study time, he took prayer requests and had a time of prayer with the group.

Danny led the study itself on the theme of encouragement. He was engaging the youth to be involved, challenging small groups in discussions and presenting his thoughts from his own preparation. He even had the groups present skits representing the theme and had individuals write "encouragement notes" to help them begin applying this scriptural mandate.

I praise God for His leaders who responded to this call (and for all the others who pitched in as well) to step out of their comfort zones and step up in front to lead 25 of their peers.

Our challenge/theme this year, to be a godly example NO MATTER HOW YOUNG YOU ARE, is being lived out through our young people.

Praise God and Keep Praying!

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