Monday, January 14, 2008

Back Online and in Bolivia...

Well, I'm back home in Bolivia. I haven't had internet until this afternoon. I have many e-mails to process and much to do, but I'm back safe-and-sound.
Christmas and New Years went really well with the family and I had an uneventful, but long trip back down. After a few days, the lost sleep was found.
School started up today and I have my first Bible Study tonight with the high school students. I'm a little anxious, but sure it will go well. Tomorrow, I have a board meeting to attend, I speak in chapel and begin all that involvement on Wednesday. On Friday, we have our opening events for the junior high at 3 and then the high school at it'll be a busy week.
It's exciting to be back. I'm a little overwhelmed by all that has to happen, but it's gonna happen, so I'm just holding on for the ride.
Will be able to write more frequently since I'm I'll keep you posted...Mike

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