Monday, January 21, 2008

First Week at School and with Youth Activities went Well!

Junior High Out - 29 youth joined us after school as we went to an arcade and out for ice cream. it was a great time to renew some friendships and to meet the "new" (to me that is...) 7th graders.
Just 2 hours after the Junior High Out, about 60 high schoolers joined us at the house for a Mexican food/theme night. Several came in their panchos and young man even had his machete in hand???

It was a great time of fellowship and I really enjoyed reacquainting myself with the youth. They're a great bunch and I'm privileged to be back with them.

About 40 came to the Monday night Bible study and it also went well, as did my time in chapel on Wednesday. I was able to share a challenge to Administer Grace from I Peter 4. God's been challenging me along those lines, so it was cool to be able to share that with the youth.

I've already had several opportunities to share some of the youth and even counsel a few others. Please pray as I begin a few accountability sessions, that God will guide us in our discussions and encouragement to each other.


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