Tuesday, September 30, 2008

His Unchanging Hand...

Last night's Bible study was the 6th in the series from Max Lucado's books, It's Not About Me. The study focused on His Unchanging Hand, the stability we can only find in God through Christ.

from Max Lucado's book...

“God never pauses to eat or asks the angels to cover for Him while He naps.

He never signals a time-out or puts the prayer requests from Russia on hold

while He handles South Africa.

He ‘never tires and never sleeps(Psalm 121:4).

Need a strong hand to hold? You’ll always find one in His.

His strength never changes.

Need unchanging truth to trust? Try God’s. His truth never wavers.

Your outlook may change. My convictions may sway,

but ‘the Scripture cannot be broken(John 10:35). And since it can’t,

since His truth will not waver, God’s ways will never alter.

He will always hate sin and love sinners, despise the proud and exalt the humble. He will always convict the evildoer and comfort the heavy-hearted.

He never changes direction mid-stream, recalibrates the course midway home,

or amends the heavenly Constitution.

God will always be the same.

Catch God in a bad mood? Won’t happen.

Fear exhausting His grace … think He’s given up on you? Wrong.

He’s never sullen or sour, sulking or stressed.

His strength, truth, ways and love never change.

He is ‘the same yesterday and today and forever(Heb. 13:8).

And because He is, the Lord ‘will be the stability of your times(Isaiah 33:6).”

- It’s Not About Me by Max Lucado - © 2004 Thomas Nelson, Inc., Nashville, TN -

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