Wednesday, February 18, 2009

High School Camp ... The UpsideDown Kingdom...

It was so much fun to see how our youth connected during our 5-day camp. Not only were their relationships with Christ encouraged, but their friendships deepened! Even siblings, like Sophia and Edwin, deepened their bonds.
Gary continued to challenge us from the word and the music team led their peers to worship.
Okay, this is a game, but they sure seem a little serious about inflicting damage...or at least getting others wet!
Isn't this game rather ... ummm ... interesting?!
I must say, to no surprise, soccer (futbol) knows no end ... even on a soaked and muddy field!
Not only am I old and with much white hair ... well, a little bit of white hair ... but I also have a big mouth. (I had my birthday during camp ... along with three of the students. They had a cake for us, but since I was celebrating, there weren't enough candles!)
Camps were again a wonderful and exciting time for the kids to unite in friendships and grow spiritually. During today's chapel service many of the young people shared of God's faithfulness and their renewed commitment to Him.

Thank you so much for your prayers during these tiring, yet vital days! I believe God honored our time away from the daily routine.

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