Sunday, February 8, 2009

Living Life on the Flipside ... Junior High Camp 2009...

Junior high camp went very well this past week. We had a great time together and I believe we were able to minister to the young people and be ministered to ourselves.

As you can see below, it takes a large staff to "pull" off the 3-day event. I am so thankful for the godly examples and help from so many staff, counselors and older students. Gary Hansen, below, shared from his heart and being a former student of the Learning Center, was able to connect with the youth.
I was very thankful and proud to have 8 high school students along as staff and counselors. Susan, in the red shirt, and Kaylynn, playing guitar, were in charge of music and did an excellent job leading us into worship. Daniel and Tim, our activities coordinators, willingly helped out with the singing. (neither had done this before)
All of our counselors did great, yet it was especially neat to see four of our seniors invest their lives in the younger students. Below, Hannah is posing with her team.
Whitney is helping her team with their theme poster for the camp.
Edwin is meeting to go over his team's plan of "attack."
And, Alejandro is "egging" his small group on while portraying a chicken.
It was also such a blessing to pass the megaphone on to Daniel and Tim who directed the games. What a privilege to have young people taking on these leadership roles.
This coming week we will be at camp again; now it's for the high school. Seventy-seven campers and 15 staff/counselors will be participating.

- Pray with me that our five days away will be fun, safe and spiritually refreshing.

- Pray that the music team, who ministered at junior high camp, will be ready to minister again in leading our singing.
(Susan, Kaylynn, Daniel and Tim)

- Pray that Gary, Liz, Rachel, Douglas, Rachel (
another), Bill, Beverly, Pola, Elva and I will be ready for ANOTHER week of camp after just getting back from junior high. The rest of the staff for this week will include: Mary, Emily, Katie and Chad.

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