Sunday, March 22, 2009

Off to La Pajcha...

One thing I encourage the seniors to do each year is to make a list of all the places they want to visit, foods they want to eat or things they want to do before they leave Bolivia. For many of them, graduation is the last event before moving away from Santa Cruz for good.

Kyle Swope, pictured here in the gray shirt, wanted to head back to the waterfalls, La Pajcha, one last time with a few of his friends. So Paul, Danny, Kyle, Tim and I headed up to the falls last Saturday, March 14. They didn't have school on Monday, so we were able to stay three full days and 2 nights. God gave us AWESOME weather for our entire trip. We had three warm, sunny, clear-sky days in the middle of rainy season to enjoy His incredible nature and the good company.
Yes, these trips are FUN! Yet, they are so important for the friendships and, in this case, the closure for someone such as Kyle leaving. It helps the rest of us in our closure as he won't be here in Bolivia after May.

Pray that the remaining two months of school and activities will bring good closure for all the students that will be moving on and also for those who will be staying behind.

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