Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Senior Trip 2009...

The senior trip for 2009 was to the area of Bolivia bordering Brazil called the PANTANAL. It is a wetlands area that floods each year from the river, Paraná. There, we stayed in the beautiful Pantanal Hotel and were able to take in a few of the sites.

The 13-hour train ride to Quijaro, our final destination, was, thankfully, very uneventful and rather comfortable. The hotel was nice and gave the 21 students ample space and opporunity to enjoy the days away.
The highlights of the trip included visiting the neighboring Brazilian city of Corumbá, where we spent the day visiting local attractions, shopping and taking a two-hour boat ride on the Paraná river. While abored, we enjoyed the scenery and also the wildlife, including countless birds and crocidiles.

On our outting the following day, we were able to taste crocidile as it was part of our main course for lunch. It doens't taste like chicken; however, I really enjoyed it!

Overall, I beleive it was a fantastic trip. The seniors really enjoyed their times together and made great memories to take with them after they graduate and move on. I really enjoyed my time with them as well...yes, even the 16-hour train ride home!

Pray with me that the seniors will continue to enjoy this semester together and have a great closure to this juncture in life.

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