Friday, April 10, 2009

Bible Studies, Chapel & Communion...

After spending most of last week away from school and in meetings, it was good to be back with the young people...

Monday, there was chapel music practice after school and then high school Bible study in the evening. We continued with the series on our perception of God and how that affects our relationship with Him.

Tuesday, after saying goodbye to the Gouge's at their home, I headed back to school for preparations for junior high Bible study, chapel and communion. After meeting with two young men for accountability, I headed to the house with about 16 junior high students for Bible study. We talked about the significance of the Easter story and the confidence we can have in Christ.
On Wednesday, we had a special assembly with the junior high and high school students to cover "personal safety." As with any big city, it's a good idea to be reminded on how to avoid dangers, etc.

After the assembly, we had our regular chapel. The emphasis was focused on Holy Week and all that means for each of us. I was challenged to share about several different aspects of the week and their significance, but most specifically on the Veil or Curtain that was torn when Christ died. The symbolism of so many things that happened to Christ during this week is amazing.During the students' lunch time, they were given the opportunity to come back to the chapel to take communion. After I shared a brief challenge the 25+ youth were free to come up and get the bread and juice and Liz Morriss, Steve Swope and I had the privilege to pray with them individually. One of the seniors said he really enjoyed it because it was very personal.
Thank you for all your prayers during these busy, but exciting, days. Pray with me that the young people will continue to seek Christ and never become desensitized to the work He wants to do in each of them!

I pray you have an incredibly meaningful celebration of
the Lord's death AND resurrection as well.
May His work in your life continue to change and mold you!

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