Thursday, June 18, 2009

May is History...

It's hard to imagine how fast one month can pass by; however, May was such a month. After the Junior Senior Banquet on April 25, the hour hands on all my clocks seemed to speed up leaving me little time to update this site or even sleep at times.
The juniors did a fantastic job of putting together this banquet to honor the they looked mighty sharp in suits!!!
God is faithful and I praise Him for continuing to supply strength and health during these busy days, but also for all the blessings of being involved in His ministry to the youth in Bolivia.

Graduation planning, preparations and activities occupied much of my "off" time from normal youth activities. Yet, the ministry did continue and I'd like to share a little of what went on throughout the last several weeks of activities...

A week before all of the end of year events, Liz Morriss and I had a dinner with the senior class. It was a great time of fellowship and fun before life got too busy!


Our last Bible study wound up the series on how our perception of God greatly affects our relationship with Him. The youth stayed very invovled and I believe that God used these times not only to strengthen their relationships with the Lord, but also with each other.


Our junior high end-of-the-year cookout was a great time of fellowship and activities. As usual, Bill and Bev Smith hosted this event and did a fantistic job of preparing the meal and opening their home to some 30 junior high kids.


The following day, the Smiths hosted the high school cookout. It was a great group that came together to celebrate a wonderful year. The youth also honored Liz Morriss, Chad & Emily Jackson and Steve & Becky Swope for their leadership and involvement over the past several years.


Our last chapel was specifically focused on our seniors. It was such a blessing to have Whitney Belovicz and Alejandro Garcia, two of our seniors, share their testimonies and challenges to the student body. God really spoke through their lives!


Graduation activities (besides the weeks of preparation) began with a "walk-through" rehearsal in the school chapel.


Later that evening the senior class, Liz Morriss and I hosted the seniors and their parents for a dinner out. We talked about the graduation and had opportunities to share our thanks with the parents for their support and the privilege to be a part of their childrens' lives.


If it weren't for the junior class' help, I don't think the graduation ceremony would have gone as well. They did a great job making sure everyone found a seat, bringing in extra chairs as more and more people showed up, passing out the programs and escorting in the parents of the seniors. Susan and Maryodette, pictured on the far left of the group of junior girls here, sang a beautiful arrangement of In Christ Alone.


Graduation, held on May 23, was a great celebration for the class of 2009. It was such an honor to work with this class over the last six years. It's been fun to see them grow up and mature...well, somewhat...and I pray that God will continue to use them wherever they go.

Thank you too for your prayers during these busy days!

The end of the year is very difficult because of all that is going on, but mostly because of all the goodbyes. Only two of our twenty-one graduates will remain in Bolivia. The rest are spreading throughout the world. It's like saying goodbye to "my children" except we may never see each other again.

As I said, and firmly believe, God continues to provide peace and supply what's needed to prepare for another year. I'm excited for the next school year will bring, so pray with me that the coming weeks of preparation for 2009-2010 will go well.

I'll also be directing our annual missionary retreat with speaker, Tommy Anderson. Pray these days away will be the renewal we need spiritually and physically to continue the work to which God has called each of us.

Blessings on You!

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