Friday, July 17, 2009

Senior Class Get-together...

Last night, 5 of the up-and-coming senior class came over to have dinner and a Bible study. Most of the class of 20 are not here in Bolivia or at least not in Santa Cruz, but those that are here wanted to have the chance to fellowship and requested a Bible study. I was very happy to oblige and enjoyed our time over dinner and then a study in Matthew 16.

The discussion focus was on our perception and how that many times affects our attitude and how we see God working in situations. Christ saw things from God's point of view and his disciples had a hard time getting connected with that. The challenge for me, and I pray these students, is to open up to seeing things from His point of view and back off from the small picture we see and allow God to reveal the big picture.

We also talked about our priorities for their senior year, and life in general; about what's really important. Finally, we closed with prayer for the year to come as they lifted up their classmates, the school and God's leading throughout.

At school, I'm still helping to oversee much of the construction going on. We're only 3 weeks away from classes beginning and there's still much to do. Here at the house, I've been working on my office, going through paperwork and getting to the new calendar for the year as well as other projects in preparation for the new year.

Next Wednesday, Cody Kargus will arrive with a team of 31 students who will be doing ministry as well as a discipleship "course". I will be available to help out and look forward to the times together. We will be incorporating events with our "kids" too, so it should be a busy, but fun, couple of weeks.

Thanks for all your prayers!

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