Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taking a Short Break ... Vacation ...

During the last week of school and the first week after classes, I had the privilege of having a former student and friend, David Lotz, as a house guest. He was able to visit his friends and also helped me a ton with preparations for all the closing events at school. I left the same day as David, May 30, to head to the US for a few weeks of vacation. I was able to use the time to spend with family, visit with friends, have a brief meeting at the mission, speak in one of my supporting churches and visit another.

The end of the year is always an extremely busy time and emotionally, as well as physically draining. This short break was a great way to recoup and get refreshed for another year of ministry. Below are a few pictures from the time there:

My aunt and uncle, John & Gail, spent a week with us. We were able to hang out a lot and spend some quality time together. Isaac, my nephew, turned 3 in May and he's developed quite a personality. He was fun to get to know a little more and even took to uncle John.
Brook, my niece, turned 5 the week I arrived. She's quite a character as well. We had fun and she did her best to try to keep me in line.
Cindy Haren, her niece and nephew, Ashley & Bryant, and I had the privilege to spend the day in Northern Kentucky at the Creation Museum. It was a great experience. I learned a lot and was able to find quite a few resources. Ken Ham, the museum's founder, gave a presentation that day and it was a very challenging session.
My family: Steve, Warren, Diane, me & David

As always, it's a great joy to spend time with my family. My brothers, parents and I were able to meet for lunch just prior to my departure. Throughout my time in the States, we had several opportunities to catch up and be together. My sisters-in-law, sorry they aren't pictured here, Nina and Karla are fantastic hosts and always make me feel so much at home!

I had three former students and good friends, Nathan, David & Kyle, come to visit during my time there. They try to keep me young, so their visits were great fun. My family seems to always enjoy when the young people come through. It gives them a chance to find out the scoop on my life here in Bolivia!

It was a great time of rest and renewal. When I arrived back in Santa Cruz I hit the ground running, but my time away gave me the energy I needed!


candidatereview said...

Great to see all these pics of family and ministry! My, how the LORD has blessed through your life. Keep up the great work Mike, john lee

Franco said...

the way you run consistent and faithfully, always inspires me. May God continue to have his hand on you and your ministry.