Saturday, September 19, 2009

Portraits and Mission Meetings

This was the week for yearbook pictures. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I took the portrait pictures for our school yearbook. In all, I took some 600 pictures of the students, Pre-Kinder through twelfth grade, and staff. It was tiring, but fun. Right after the pictures on Friday, I headed to the mission office to participate in a mission board meeting.
Then today we had a mini-staff meeting with all the WGM missionaries in Bolivia. We had a good time of worship and discussion and went over some important information and further training.

Throughout the week, I continued the regular ministries of Bible study, accountability times, chapel music coordination and leading chapel on Wednesday.

I'm preparing for a junior high Bible study next week and I am getting ready for our upcoming Spiritual Enrichment week and high school retreat which will take place in Mid-October...always something to keep me busy!

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