Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Senior Retreat...

Senior retreat went on last week from Thursday through Sunday. The school had a scheduled day off on Friday, so we took advantage of the extra time and left from my place on Thursday at 4. All, but 2, of this year's senior class were able to attend. Emily Barlow, far left in the middle row, went along to help as the female chaperon.
The class was able to goof-off, as well as get serious when it was appropriate. The focus of the weekend is to prepare them for transition that the senior year will bring continuing on after graduation. Another purpose of the weekend away is to build unity and acceptance.
We were involved in several group activities and team builders during the day. You would be amazed at how difficult it is to raise a 1-pound pole TOGETHER with only your fingertips!Although some of the activities were challenging, the class took the challenges and worked together...having fun doing it!
Building trust in each other and applying that to our trust in God was another focal point.
Yes, I trust them as well!
Of course, a good game of volleyball is always in order...well, a dozen games is even better.
We had a session each evening. My part in the session was not terribly lengthy, but each session seemed to get longer as they shared. God really blessed these times together and I believe He used them to draw the young people together!
Contrary to the photo at the beginning, they can be normal! They can also be leaders and set the spiritual atmosphere at the school, which they've already been doing...see below!

On Tuesday, the seniors instigated a student led prayer group.
17 young people met at 7:30 to have prayer for each other, the school, their teachers, etc.! PTL!!!

Please remember the class of 2010 as they take their "position" in school very seriously. They know how to have fun, but most of them also know the importance of their relationship with God. Pray that they will develop that relationship first and the overflow will be seen in their leadership and testimonies!

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Chad and Emily Jackson said...

Hi Mike ! It's so fun to look at your pictures and read about what's going on there. Chad and I have an offer on a house and his job is going really well. he is teaching 8th grade english. It's so strange not to be there...can you tell everyone at the next bible study that we say hello? Hope you are doing super:)