Sunday, November 30, 2008

Missionary Staff Conference...

Our conference this past week went very well. It was good to meet with the staff of the mission and go over reports of ministries and look at new opportunities and challenges for the year to come. I was voted on to the board for another year as 1st member-at-large (or as the youth so kindly say FIRST LARGE MEMBER!).
Here, we are praying for Ron and Bonnie Gouge. They have served WGM Bolivia as our field leaders for the past 11 years. They have accepted the field leadership in Argentina and will be transferring to their new assignment after the first of the year. Please pray for their continued ministries.

Rick (Lori) Lampen has accepted the field leadership as our new Field Director and Len (Betsy) Phillips will be the Assistant Director. Because Len and Betsy are on their Homeland Ministry Assignment right now, I'm the Acting Assistant Director becaue of my position as 1st member-at-large. Confusing? It just means that I'll help out where needed... Please pray for Rick & Lori, Len & Betsy, along with the WGM Bolivia staff, during this time of transition.

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