Monday, November 10, 2008

Highlights from Retreat...

Some of the ladies were relaxing while we waited for the road to open on our way up to Samaipata. The youth made the best of the time and didn't whine or complain...we had a safe trip up even with all the construction on the mountain highway.Our sessions went well. Rhonda Bill did a great job of leading our times of worship music and the kids really sang out. They were also very attentive during the speaking and had many opportunities to be challenged to renovated.Along with the challenges spiritually, the young people enjoyed activities and free time together. They got along very well as they battled it out with mummies, water baloons, human machines and four-way-purpetual capture the flag!
Danny and I battled it out with the belly bumpers.
I must say that I did win the battle, but the war, well it continues...
(Even though I knocked him and several others over a lot,
I think I'm much, much, much more sore then they!
Getting out of bed today was very difficult! Ha...but it's so worth it!)

Thank you for your prayers for this weekend away. I believe God honored those prayers on so many levels. He laid out the weekend with beautiful weather (the first time without rain in all the years we've had retreat...), great attitudes from the kids, open door to travel even though the road is under construction, safety and protection in travel and throughout the weekend's activities, providing cooks on short notice, and open hearts to hear the challenges spiritually.

Please keep praying that God will do some awesome things in and through these young lives. We continue to plant the seeds, but pray that they will be open to receive what Christ desires to do as He renews their hearts and lives!

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The Van Fleet's said...

Hey Mike, I hope this finds you well! I came across your blog online and had to say 'hello'!! There's a good chance you don't remember me but I was in the youth group at Gospel Center in South Bend, IN when your dad was pastor. I'm all grown up now (lol) and living in Los Angeles with my husband. He's an MK from Kenya. We have your mission card on our fridge and you're regularly in our thoughts and prayers. I try to touch base your parents at least once a year. I absolutely adore them and couldn't be more grateful for the example they set for my life. I'll have to tell them I found your blog! Anyway, this comment is getting pretty long. Keep safe!
Very kindest regards,
Melissa Holderman- Van Fleet