Saturday, December 1, 2012

August '12 - Shoulder Surgery

This pic was taken in a mirror, so it's my left shoulder... I had injured it several years back, but never got it repaired. After several months of therapy the doctor said we could continue to make it stronger, but it would never heal completely without surgery. So after a little 'debate' I finally made the decision to go forward with the 'repair.'

Surgery went very well, but it requires months of therapy to regain range of motion and strength. It's quite the process so encourage anyone you know going through this! :)

The only major restriction after surgery was to not drive long distances for several weeks. Local travel would be fine, but I couldn't begin my college visits until after the sling comes off on Oct 11.

I was able to work from home during this time and be involved locally in the youth group and even got to make it to an OSU game.

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