Monday, April 29, 2013

Kenya, East Africa - April 29 - Flood and Rift Valley Academy Visit

I left Kampala on Saturday, April 27 and flew to Nairobi, Kenya. I was in Nairobi for a few hours before heading out of the city by car to Rift Valley Academy. Originally, I was going to head directly from the airport to the school, but our departure was delayed due to major road damage heading to the school and in the local village of Kijabe and outlying areas. They have received more rain than usual during the month of April, but that was added to on Friday night by 5 inches of rain falling. This resulted in a huge mud slide tearing away part of RVA's fence and clearing a huge portion of the woods above and next to the school. The mud traveled down the roads depositing trees and other debris in the path of destruction.

I was able to make it to RVA campus, meet up with our 9 MKs as well as many more students. It was a great couple of days of fellowship giving me an opportunity to, not only see the campus, but pray with each of the WGM MKs individually.

I watched them play rugby, attended church with them on Sunday, experience a wonderful student led worship time, attend a chapel service and share a couple of meals together.

 Sunday Night Live - student led worship with over 150 students voluntarily attending

 Chapel service for the junior high and high school students

 Campus courtyard between classes

A few of our WGM students during morning Chia break

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